June 03, 2005

Yes, We Are

It's going to be basically a nonblogging day for me today. We're off to the Kerrville Folk Festival, an annual hippie-dippie tent gathering in the Texas hill country, where we go not for the music or the Woodstock-like communal squalor but to see old friends who live far away.

Usually we camp out there for two or three nights, but this year the pressure of our work schedules limits us to a weekend day trip.

I'll post a report this weekend. Meanwhile, for those of you searching for something provocative to read, check out this NYT article about a medical research report speculating that the genetic diseases to which Ashkenazic Jews are prone are a side effect of natural selection for high intelligence. As one of the Utah researchers says, "It would be hard to overstate how politically incorrect this paper is."

I don't have the gene for Tay-Sachs disease (you have to get tested when you get married) and I don't know whether I have any of the other disease genes, but if you ask me my opinion about Jews and intelligence and all, I'll smugly point you to the title of this post.