June 16, 2005

Slow Days

Even The Glittering Eye, yesterday, said that he was glazing over on "an incredibly quiet, dull day in the blogosphere." And no one even bothered to comment on his post! Today he's directing us to the Carnival of the Vanities, which appears to be relatively uninteresting this week -- mostly the predictable politics.

Ann is guestblogging for Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) at msnbc.com this week -- she doesn't have anything up there yet this morning -- but on her own site she has an adorable picture of our son Chris -- otherwise known as Agent 83 -- as a child. Chris looks like me but handsomer, by the way. You can link from there (or here) to a lot of other photos on our son John's (Agent 81's) site. A couple of old pictures of me appear on page 4.

Best thing I've read in the blogosphere this morning is Ambivablog's latest essay on Intelligent Design, quoting extensively from a writer named Fred Reed who asks sharp and witty questins about evolutionary theory as faith. Excellent comment section too. I'm not an Intelligent Design fan -- I accept the theory of evolution and consider it to be the mechanism by which an unknown, probably unknowable god created our universe. I do think evolutionary theory has difficulty explaining certain things and, just as psychology has advanced away from Freud, evolutionary theory will progressively advance away from pure Darwinism.

Fred Reed's essay, in turn, appears on the site of a guy named Lew Rockwell whom I haven't heard of before. Rockwell advertises himself as being "anti-state, anti-war, pro-market," and gives space to a variety of writers on various topics, as well as having a blog of his own.

And Dilys, who is always worth checking, links today to Be via me, on the Japanese composer Takemitsu and on math education (which happens to be my wife Agent 61's professional field, but I'll leave it to her if she ever wants to set foot in that blogomorass).

Now go out there and browse!