June 27, 2005

New Blog: Mr. Gobley

When I started this blog six months ago, my intention was to put up a lot of very terse writings on so-called spiritual matters from a sort of Americanized Taoist or Buddhist perspective. Brief stories, parables, challenging observations, questions, that would be entertaining and provocative.

I've strayed from that for the simple reason that I don't know enough to put up that kind of post every day or every other day. I still hope to put up that kind of post whenever I have an idea worth exposing to others.

In the meantime, a guy named Mr. Gobley has recently started a blog with very much the kind of approach and content I initially aimed for, except that he writes free verse rather than fiction. (He's also got cute lists and observations and so forth, which I like very much.) I like his June 20 prose piece on "Why We Toil" and his June 17 bulleted list "Mr. Gobley Sez" and his June 22 poem "Prayer for the Moment" and his June 25 poem "What Do You Care?", which is addressed to an atheist.

Mr. Gobley seems to know Buddhism better than I do, but to be open to Western religions as well, and he has an endearing faux-naif humorous style. I'll be reading him often. Shouldn't you??

PS, I first learned about him from links on AmbivaBlog.