April 07, 2005

Self–Reliance: A Dialogue

JACK: “I’m sick of people saying no to me all the time. I’m just going to forget those people.”

JILL: “That’s right. You’re all you need.”

JACK: “People giving me no support, no emotional sustenance.”

JILL: “I know what you mean. I’m on your side.”

JACK: “Ignoring me when I talk to them.”

JILL: “I hear you.”

JACK: “Expecting me to do everything for them, clean up their messes.”

JILL: “Leave them be. Walk right by them.”

JACK: “As long as I shut up, they’re satisfied.”

JILL: “Keep talking. Say what’s on your mind.”

JACK: “When I do open my mouth, it’s like I’m not even there.”

JILL: “Tell it! I’m all ears.”

JACK: “Depriving me of my voice. Trying to stifle me, to silence me.”

JILL: “Yes, say it!”

JACK: “But their abuse has only strengthened me.”

JILL: “You’re the greatest.”

JACK: “I don’t need anyone holding my hand, making sweet talk.”

JILL: “Baby, that’s beautiful.”

JACK: “I walk my own path, alone.”

JILL: “I’m with you.”

JACK: “And when I return, give them a boon from my quest, will they be grateful? No.”

JILL: “I’m so glad you’re saying these things.”

JACK: “Not that it makes any difference. It’s like talking to myself. No one ever listens to me.”