February 15, 2005

Texas Jewish Haiku

In response to a commenter on yesterday’s post “Austin Notes: Spring Is Here,” and in keeping with this season of new life, I joyously announce the birth of a new art form, the Texas Jewish haiku, or “chaiku.”

In the spirit of our local bumper sticker, “Texas: It’s Bigger than France,” I say unto you, “Just try this with French Jewish haiku, bubbie!”

With apologies to those of my readers who are not among the “doubly chosen”—and for that matter, to those of my readers who are.

Dallas yeshiva:
cheerleaders proudly form the
Lone Star of David

Not to seem cheap, he
buys drinks: the man in the ten–
gallon yarmulke

This Kinky Friedman—
he uses the name Friedman