December 18, 2004

I'm finally figuring out how to create links on this thing—a significant ordeal for one of my pretechnological stripe.

I'll try out this new skill by recommending a couple of blogs I check regularly. The first is already known to many of my readers: Althouse. Ann provides cogent, insightful commentary on a wide range of phenomena in our world and in my old stomping ground of Madison, Wisconsin. Her forte is interpreting political developments through the lens of constitutional law. She also knows—and understands— a great deal about art.

Another one is G as in Good H as in Happy. The blogger, Dilys, is an Austin lawyer (not known personally to me) who's interested in ethics and the possibility of human happiness. She's widely read and offers lots of links to things I wouldn't usually read.

Both of these bloggers offer me the chance to encounter political views quite different from my own, expressed in literate, modulated, individualistic voices.